Monday, September 16, 2013

Market Analysis – Monday, September 16 2013

Market’s gapped up to start the week, leaving wrong-sided investors and traders with the decision of whether to close their positions or to hope the markets reverse in their favor. As always, it pays to keep to risk management rules. Later in the week there will be important economic data affecting the GBP, Euro and AUD. Below are some charts outlining important markets to pay attention. For those looking for additional assistance, we at CMTrading are here to help those looking to profit in the financial markets.


It’s currently trading at 1.3354 and remains below it’s recent high of yearly high of 1.34512. Targets on the upside are 1.3405 and 1.3443. On the downside targets are 1.3291 and 1.3215.

R1:  1.3405
R2:  1.3443
R3:  1.3519
S1:  1.3291
S2:  1.3215
R3:  1.3177



For those that thought they missed the opportunity to go short this pair in the 1.60’s, well those traders have gotten their wish. On the upside, getting above 1.6008 opens the way for 1.6066.

R1:  1.6008
R2:  1.6066
R3:  1.6182
S1:  1.5834
S2: 1.5718
R3:  1.5660


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Market Analysis – Thursday, September 12 2013

This past week’s short term trend reversal has left many investors and traders scratching their heads. Both currencies and stock markets alike have been affected. The million dollar question is whether this is just a temporary pause before the overall trend reasserts itself. At times like this, it pays to be a trader rather than an investor.

It’s currently trading at 1.3273 and remains below it’s recent high of 1.3451. Targets on the upside are 1.3347 and 1.3375. On the downside targets are 1.3267 and 1.3215.

R1:  1.3347
R2:  1.3375
R3:  1.3427
S1:  1.3267
S2:  1.3215
R3:  1.3187



For those that thought they missed the opportunity to go short this pair in the 1.5800’s, well those traders have gotten their wish. On the upside, getting above 1.5840 opens the way for 1.5866.

R1:  1.5866
R2:  1.5904
R3:  1.5978
S1:  1.5754
S2: 1.5680
R3:  1.5642



The pair is at the very top of it’s yearly range at .8127. Breaking above .8154 could set up the path for .8183, while downside targets are .8124 and .8110.

R1:  .8146
R2:  .8154
R3:  .8168
S1:  .8124
S2:  0.8110
R3:  0.8102

S & P Futures

The index has been in steady uptrend since the beginning of the year with periodic pullbacks. It’s unclear if the top is in, though time will tell.

R1:  $1690.10
R2: $1703.12
R3:  $1710.14
S1:  $1670.62
S2: $ 1661.10
R3:  $1651.05

Monday, September 2, 2013

Thankfully my expectations for a quiet week in the markets because of the US holiday have been proven otherwise. Across the board, all of the major markets have been showing quite a bit of volatility – not just the currencies, but the indices and commodity markets as well.  For those interested in a more in depth analysis, we at CM Trading are here to assist those who are interested in profiting from the financial markets. Below are the charts and the day’s economic events to better understand the current short term trends in some of the different markets.


After straddling the upper boundary of its yearly trading range, the pair has finally began to see a sizable correction. It’s currently trading at 1.3212 with price levels to watch on the downside at 1.3190 and 1.3175. If the pair breaks higher, 1.3225 is the first target followed by 1.3255

R1:  1.3225
R2:  1.3255
R3:  1.3280
S1:  1.3190
S2:  1.3175
R3:  1.3190

After closing last week’s trading at 1.5495, the pair has jumped up to 1.5593. Price levels to watch on the upside are 1.5600 and 1.5640 and on the downside targets remain at 1.5570 and 1.5545.
R1:  1.5600
R2:  1.5640
R3:  1.5705
S1:  1.5570
S2: 1.5545
R3:  1.5500

This is another pair that should be on your radar. Closing last week at near lows for the month of .89001, the currency reached at high of 0.9013 in today’s trading session. It’s currently trading at .89911 with targets on the upside at .9020 and .9050. Targets on the downside are at .8995 and .8960. In overnight trading, the Reserve Bank of Australia will be making an interest rate decision – an event sure to have a major effect on the currency pair.

R1:  .9020
R2:  .9050
R3:  .9095
S1:  .8995
S2:  0.8960
R3:  0.8895


After reaching a high of 1704.13 to start the month, the index reached low of 1624.13 on August 28th. It's currently trading at 1645.38 with targets on the upside at 1656.00 and 1666. Targets on the downside are 1641.38 and 1625.00.

R1:  1656.00
R2:  1666.00
R3:  1676.30
S1:  1641.38
S2:  1625.00
R3:  1616.75

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