Monday, September 16, 2013

Market Analysis – Monday, September 16 2013

Market’s gapped up to start the week, leaving wrong-sided investors and traders with the decision of whether to close their positions or to hope the markets reverse in their favor. As always, it pays to keep to risk management rules. Later in the week there will be important economic data affecting the GBP, Euro and AUD. Below are some charts outlining important markets to pay attention. For those looking for additional assistance, we at CMTrading are here to help those looking to profit in the financial markets.


It’s currently trading at 1.3354 and remains below it’s recent high of yearly high of 1.34512. Targets on the upside are 1.3405 and 1.3443. On the downside targets are 1.3291 and 1.3215.

R1:  1.3405
R2:  1.3443
R3:  1.3519
S1:  1.3291
S2:  1.3215
R3:  1.3177



For those that thought they missed the opportunity to go short this pair in the 1.60’s, well those traders have gotten their wish. On the upside, getting above 1.6008 opens the way for 1.6066.

R1:  1.6008
R2:  1.6066
R3:  1.6182
S1:  1.5834
S2: 1.5718
R3:  1.5660


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