Wednesday, March 21, 2012

US Recession Coming? Jim Rogers Thinks So

While George Soros and Jim Rogers no longer work together, one thing that does keep them in common is their penchant for big statements.  Recently, Rogers was out touting that the US is due for another recession in 2013-14 in an interview he gave for Opalesque Radio.  And, of course this comes as Us employment is improving and overall economic trends are all on the rise.  Roger’s, main concern is the valid point of the US’s massive debt load.

But, Jim Rogers wasn’t all doom and gloom, he is expecting 2012 to continue to be a positive one for investments, as important elections in the US and France will trigger increased government funding before voters head to the election booths.

So what’s your thoughts, will the 2012 exeuberance come crashing down in 2013-14? Here’s Jim Rogers beliefs:
According to Rogers, 2012 is shaping up to look positive for investors and global economies. This is partly driven by the US election and other high profile international elections such as the presidential election in France. However, next year and the year after may prove more troublesome.
"The overall situation is getting much worse because the debt is going through the roof for all of us. You should be worried about 2013, 2014 but overall 2012 won't look so bad," he explains.
Along with increased debt, historical cycles of the US economy suggest that we may be due for another recession. "Profitability for american companies is at an all time high if you measure return on equity. Some people anticipate that profits cannot get much better but even if they do they can't last much longer,"  Read More 

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