Monday, April 8, 2013

Daily Market Analysis – Gold’s Massive Move to Major Support and Its Subsequent Rebound


We’ll need to wait and see the extent of Gold’s upward rebound. US Fed Chairman Bernanke will be speaking this evening at 19:15 EST. His words have the most influence over the value of the US dollar than any other person.  For those interested in a more in depth analysis, we at CM trading are here to assist those who are interested in profiting from the financial markets. Below are the charts and the day’s economic events to better understand the current short term trends in some of the different markets.

The pair has broken out of its base to its current 1.3019 level. It reached 1.3039 yesterday and the low was reached just the day before at 1.2745. Price levels to watch on the downside are 1.2965 and 1.2875. If the pair breaks higher, 1.3020 is the first target followed by 1.3040. 

R1: 1.3020
R2: 1.3040
R3: 1.3106
S1: 1.2965
S2: 1.2900
S3: 1.2875


It’s previous high was reached near 2 months ago on February 6th at 127.70. It’s currently trading at new highs for the year at 128.37. Price levels to watch on the upside are 129.40 and 130.00

R1: 128.40
R2: 129.40
R3: 130.00
S1: 127.70
S2: 127.35
S3: 126.15


The pair has risen from 0.8161 on March 13 to its current level of 0.8443. Targets on the upside are 0.8465 followed by 0.8485. On the downside, targets are 0.8420 and 0.8397.

R1: 0.8465
R2: 0.8485
R3: 0.8510
S1: 0.8420
S2: 0.8397
S3: 0.8355



From its high of $1920 in September 2011, the precious metal has fallen nearly 18% to its current level of $1577.85. Is this a buying opportunity or is there a reason it’s going lower?   If gold heads lower, price levels to watch are $1563.25 and $1555.00.

R1: 1583.05
R2: 1589.51
R3: 1598.90
S1: 1563.25
S2: 1555.00
S3: 1547.79


Daily Calendar for Monday, April 8th 2013   

Fed Chairman Bernanke

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